About us

About us
About us

If you are familiar with the words or phrases "parallel trade", "grey market", "counterfeit" or "brand protection", you will know that they can affect the image or quality of a brand or trademark.

As well as being represented in many overseas countries, our experienced UK based personnel also travel extensively to investigate specific cases either abroad or at home, gathering information on grey market and counterfeit issues, backed by a small and efficient adminstrative team. We work on a retained or non-retained basis with our clients, although initial contact may have originated from a specific problem or issue.

Intelligence data is regularly passed to clients with recommendations for any further action or follow-up.


"On behalf of X (a Global alcoholic beverages company), may I take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff formally for the excellent service you have provided. As ever, we look forward to continuing our successful relationship in an increasingly complex business environment."

"Great Work. Great Response Time. Wish our organization (a Global pharmaceutical and healthcare company) had taken advantage of your vetting ability prior to making our "Deals", would have saved us a lot of headaches. Again, a good responsive service for us."

A member of MARQUES, the Association of European Trade Mark owners.

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